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Master Card Index File. Society History Case Files.

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Juvenile Order Book ledger. JD case files. IC felonies committed by a juvenile under 16 years of age. JT case files. Termination of parental rights. Juvenile CCS. Official Chronological Case Summary.

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Juvenile RJO. Record of Judgments and Orders. Dismissed Juvenile Case Files. Record of Commitments ledger. Record of Releases ledger. Record or Reports from Juvenile Institutions ledger. Juvenile Institutional Report Case Files. No Probable Cause Files. Statistical Sheets. Judgment Docket, Juvenile Court.

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General Index, Juvenile Court ledger or card file discretionary. Juvenile Restitution Record ledger IC Fee Books, Juvenile. Juvenile Wardship Case Files. These Case Files are not dismissed but such agency is ending its jurisdiction in such cases.


Paternity Book. Paternity Case Files. Dismissed Paternity Case Files. Adoption Case Files. Dismissed Adoption Case Files.

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Adoption Docket Sheets. Adoption General Index. Birth Certificate Record--Original Pleadings.

Small Claims Docket and Fee Book. Small Claims Docket Sheets. See Judgment Docket Small Claims Rule Small Claims Case Files. Dismissed Small Claims Case Files. Plenary Case Files. Criminal Entry Docket and Fee Book. Traffic Violation Docket. Infractions Order Book. Criminal and Traffic Docket.

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Case Packets, Traffic Infractions. Traffic Non-moving Violations. Case Packets, Non-Traffic Infractions. Case Packets, Ordinance Violations. For felony and misdemeanors see R and Sample CM case files in accordance with ; sample felony cases in accordance with R. General Indices. Jury Record.

Civil Docket. Civil Case Files. Criminal Docket. Criminal Case Files. For records prior to , offer to local repository or Archives Division, Indiana Archives and Records Administration before destruction. Civil Entry Dockets. Fee Books, Civil. Formerly schedules through See Indiana Rules of Court, , page for list.

Case Files. Hearing, Case Files. Proceedings to Recommit to a Hospital for Insane. Commitment Files, Alcoholism. Commitment Files, Epilepsy IC Commitment Files, Feeble-minded IC Riley Hosp'l Order Book. Case Files, Riley Hosp'l. Commitment Files, Children to Public Hospitals. Record of Receiverships IC Files, Receivership Affidavit of Assets and Liabilities.

Files, Receivership Claims. Drainage Petitions and Case Files. Drainage Order Book. May microfilm after 20 years and transfer of originals to the Indiana Archives and Records Administration or otherwise dispose of upon approval of the IOJA. Jury Lists name slips and lists. If entered in order book, destroy 2 years after drawing.

Order Book, Appellate Court Decisions. Appellate Court Decisions. Jury Questionnaire Forms. Documentation supporting juror disqualifications, exemptions, and deferrals. Digital Master created in accordance with Administrative Rule 6. Apply existing schedules for each jurisdiction. May microfilm 5 years after final disposition.