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I'd like to see comic strips about. Find Comic Strips by: View results from all properties.

Click on this image to see links for licensing for books, magazines, newsletters, presentations and more. I don't care what the evidence says, the "Central Park Five" were guilty of assaulting that woman!

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I said it before and I'll say it again: Why would black and brown kids be in a park? You see my point. Not everything is about race, Clyde. You tryin' to tell me Hollywood don't have a "magical Negro" problem?

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You ain't noticed all the movies where a black character come outta nowhere an' has no purpose at all other than to teach white people how to solve problems? Yeah, but that's not racial. There are plenty of characters of all races who have no purpose other than to teach people lessons. And let's not forget Yoda. Confusing the issue, you are. C-Dog don't never dream 'cause dreamin' just make real life worse, Big L.

Let's say I dream I can stand on a corner or walk across the street without some cop bothering me. Then when I wake up, no matter where I go, there some cop lookin' out his car window at me, just waiting for a reason to "put me in my place. I know what you mean.

Last night I dreamt you weren't depressing. I wanna be president when I grow up.


Psht … A girl could never be president. Most people don't even like girls. Girls can't run fast. Girls watch "Care Bears. Most people just don't trust a "Care Bears" sympathizer who's likely to have cooties.

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Most people will never vote for a girl. Most people are girls, Lemont. We're as unlikely to have a girl presidents as we are a black president. What do you mean America is the "angry black country"?

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You heard of the "angry black man' stereotype, right? A young brotha know the man out to get him.

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Candorville grew out of a comic strip called Lemont Brown , which appeared in the student newspaper of UC Berkeley , The Daily Californian , from to It still appears in the Daily Californian under its new title, and it is that newspaper's longest-running comic strip. Candorville appears in most of America 's largest newspapers.

Candorville and Bell's other strip, Rudy Park , exist in a shared universe. For a period in , the strips were amalgamated [1] while Bell was dealing with health and exhaustion issues. In June , Bell ended Rudy Park , although characters from that strip will continue to appear in Candorville. Because of its political content, Candorville , like Doonesbury , sometimes appears on a newspaper's editorial page rather than its comics page; like G.

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Trudeau's strip, Candorville has been accused of having a liberal slant, which has prevented the strip from being syndicated to some right-leaning newspapers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved August 11, The Washington Post Writers Group.