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That language also really exists! There are schools on the island of La Gomera that have made this ancient language — silbo gomero — a compulsory school subject. Where do you think the picture was taken? Who invented wheels? Would you like practical tips on developing a strong school-home link and developing 21st Century skills in your children?

Visit our site on Teaching 21st Century skills with confidence for free video tips, activity ideas and teaching tools. It goes on for several pages, and looks like this: Great! Do you want one simple way to help parents support your classroom teaching in the home? Use technology. Try sharing a short biography of an author that the child and family can research For example, Who is Michael Rosen? Like this: Like Loading Think of the Big Question in the same way as you might a craft or nature table; let your students contribute as they wish with ideas big and small.

We can do this in lots of ways. This could lead us on to thinking about our own usage of different sources of power, if we could become more ecologically aware, and how this might be achieved. If we take the sun as our first subtopic, we could break it down like this:. As well as the reading, writing and speaking which the Big Questions will involve, you will also be introducing new vocabulary and grammar structures. Really delving into any subject is more rewarding than skimming over it and, most importantly, our lessons become more enjoyable and memorable.

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I found this helpful. I did not find this helpful. Jeanne Perrett has been working in the language teaching sector for over thirty-five years as a teacher, school owner, publisher and writer and is the author of many acclaimed pre-primary and primary EFL series. She has trained teachers all over the world and frequently presented at professional conferences. Jeanne graduated from Sussex University with a degree in English Literature and has lived in Greece since Apart from her professional experience, she draws a lot on the practical knowledge she has gained as the mother of four children and now as the grandmother of five.

October 24, Look at the following approaches and select the responses below: A This week we will be learning about space exploration.

B Do you think it is important to explore space? But wait, what are Big Questions? Do you use electricity in your home?

Islam and British values - The Big Questions with Adam Deen

What powers our lives? What makes someone a hero?

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What is your favorite superhero called? Why do we go to school? Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Feb 16, Chris rated it really liked it Shelves: elt-reference , elt-teaching , elt-theory. Great Scott condenses two years of highly insightful blogging into a list of 21 key questions on everything from methodology to mother tongue and fluency to flow which he takes on in an entirely un-dogmatic way resulting in a few flesh wounds to, if not the actual sacrifice of, even some of his own sacred cows and of course far more questions than answers.

The big questions are for the most part well chosen, presumably having been the ones that drew the biggest response upon their original online appearance, and the authors easy going writing style draws the reader into to the sometimes quite complex subjects with entertaining references to his own and his colleagues real life teaching and learning experiences.

That the issues are framed as questions is partly due to the fact that there are still no answers Mar 09, Ahmad rated it really liked it. Thornbury has written an accessible book for novice and experienced teachers. It's a great addition if you're aiming at brushing up your theoretical knowledge of classroom practice. As practitioners of language, teachers strive to keep in touch with the latest methods, techniques and findings of research to complement their classroom practice.

However, the purpose of this short book, alongside revisiting second language acquisition-related topics, is not to give you a deep thought to ponder on Thornbury has written an accessible book for novice and experienced teachers. However, the purpose of this short book, alongside revisiting second language acquisition-related topics, is not to give you a deep thought to ponder on in your own context. For example, is role learning - such as memorizing a plethora of words - worthwhile for learners? Well, we know that the behaviorist approach advocated by Krashen, for example, tries to replace rote memorization with repetition of the target language in the form of drills.

But Thronbury shows some research that suggests otherwise, when observing some highly proficiently Chinese users of English share their successful experience of learning English through memorizing chunks of words, colloquialism from movies.

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This perspective for us teachers deserves our attention, since most of our practice is underpinned by the communicative approach that relies on meaningful, purposeful interaction among learners in pairs or groups. What was thought-provoking to me was the sociocultural theory where Thornbury shares the story of a Swedish learner.

Teaching him online probably in the early days of online teaching , Thornbury wanted him to notice the use gerund e. Instead of exposing him to the grammar explicitly, he asked him What music do you like playing? This is called self-regulation in a sociocultural theory. It made me rethink the idea of controlled practice versus practiced control where you focus the learners' attention on the form implicitly.

However, I'm concerned that it might not be effective in other cultures where passive learner usually takes precedence. In such context, teachers must be as explicit as possible.

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Of course, Thornbury doesn't expect the teacher to address or apply - I think - those big questions he's posing. To think about them in our teaching as practitioners of English will surely raise our awareness and perhaps lead us to change and react to what stagnant practice in our teaching context. Overall, this is a recommended book for both teachers and soon-to-be teachers, too. Jun 08, James rated it really liked it.

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Thought-provoking e-book. Not in a controversial way. The staring at the clouds way, I mean. Fairly interactive in that the e-book has links to Thornbury's blog, where others have been quite active ruminating about these very questions already.


Therein lies the rub. Scott's blog has much or all of the content, which was the source material for book. Enjoyed Questions for Discussion at the end of each chapter. It is worth noting your own responses to the questions. Always good to articulate one's Thought-provoking e-book. Always good to articulate one's thoughts.