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Here are the stats. Looking at this epidemic is seriously overwhelming. The question I have is how do we equip communities to bring healing and change to the fatherless landscape in our cities? This is not something that the Bible is quiet about yet at all. As I read through the Bible God speaks about the orphan with great care and HE also charges us with engaging them.

Throughout history Christians have spearheaded movements in this arena and we have a distinct opportunity to do it once again. The question is simple, how? How do we engage a culture so different the the one we have built our churches around? Our response is that we have to be reconcilers—that we have to enter the shame and suffering of a generation. We have to step into their lives with the same intimacy in which Christ stepped into ours at the incarnation.

This a messy process but one that we must be engaged in to affect our communities and reflect our God.

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I am not really a person who speaks about politics much but this was brilliantly done. Check this out…. Tell them not to mention where I went to school… say that I was a drum major for justice. Say that I was a drum major for peace. I was a drum major for righteousness.

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And all of the other shallow things will not matter. But I just want to leave a committed life behind. More than 20 million lived with no father biological, adoptive, or step in the home. The ills range from poverty, crime, esteem issues, education, teen pregnancy to the ability to develop healthy relationships with God and others just to name a few.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau,

Children are not the only ones impacted by fatherlessness, adults are affected as well. It is the cause of many of the social problems affecting our society as a whole today. The organization believes that the Church has the opportunity "in this hour to minister God's grace and healing to the hearts of all generations suffering from fatherlessness.

Bambolo, whose ministry is called The Firstborn Son , told CP that a unique aspect of the conference is that both leaders and those affected by the problem attend the event filled with seminars and resources.

Church for the Fatherless: A Ministry Model for Society's Most Pressing Problem

First, we English and Americans both are ministering in a society that is increasingly unfaithful in spiritual and physical relationships. A young lad in my congregation had to choose between his loyalty to the faith and spending Sunday with Dad, now 40 miles away, fishing or playing soccer.

Some choice for a lad of eleven: earthly father versus heavenly Father, with all the crossed ties of love and loyalties that choice involves. But they will inevitably look to fill that yawning gap in their spiritual lives, the experience of fatherhood that is derived from the true fatherhood of God.

Here they will find little comfort in the liberalizing churches that dominate the English scene and the mainline scene in the United States. Second, we are ministering in churches that accepted fatherlessness as a norm, and even an ideal. Emasculated Liturgy, gender-free Bibles, and a fatherless flock are increasingly on offer. To minister to a fatherless society, these churches, in their unwisdom, have produced their own single-parent family parish model in the woman priest. The idea of this politically contrived iconic destruction and biblically disobedient initiative was that it would make the Church relevant to the society in which it ministered.

Women priests would make women feel empowered and thereby drawn in. As more women signed up as publicly opposed to the innovation than ever were in favor, this argument was always a triumph of propaganda over reality.

Men would be attracted by the feminine and motherly aspect of the new ministry. Nor are these conclusions a matter of simple disagreement between warring parties in a divided church. The figures are in and will continue to come in. The churches are losing men and, if the Swiss figures are correct, are therefore losing children. You cannot feminize the church and keep the men, and you cannot keep the children if you do not keep the men. In the Church of England, the ratio of men to women in the pres was 45 percent to 55 percent.

As these latter figures are percentages of a now much smaller total, an even more alarming picture emerges. According to reliable independent projections, it might actually have dropped down by two-thirds by the year Relevant statistics abruptly ceased being announced in , when the 50 percent drop was achieved. And what have we seen in the societies to which the churches are supposed to be witnessing? In the secular world, a fatherless society, or significant rejection of traditional fatherhood, has produced rapid and dreadful results.

The disintegration of the family follows hard upon the amorality and emotional anarchy that flow from the neutering, devaluing, or exclusion of the loving and protective authority of the father. Young men, whose basic biology does not lead them in the direction of civilization, emerge into a society that, in less than 40 years, has gone from certainty and encouragement about their maleness to a scarcely disguised contempt for and confusion about their role and vocation.

This is exhibited in everything from the educational system, which from the s onward has been used as a tool of social engineering, to the entertainment world, where the portrayal of decent honorable men turns up about as often as snow in summer. In the absence of fatherhood, it is scarcely surprising that there is an alarming rise in the feral male.

This is most noticeable in street communities, where co-operatives of criminality seek to establish brutally and directly that respect, ritual, and pack order so essential to male identity. One might have hoped, with such an abundance of evidence at hand, that the churches would have been more confident in biblical teaching, which has always stood against the destructive forces of materialistic paganism which feminism represents.

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Alas, not. Their collapse in the face of this well-organized and plausible heresy may be officially dated from the moment they approved the ordination of women— for the Church of England—but the preparation for it began much earlier.