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Personally my favorites are the bohemian folders — they are beautiful. Coupled with the dies and papers they will make great cards. Team Canine — I can hardly wait for these to be on air. Winning them would be even better. I am team dog and cat.

Love all pets, but I think I have more friends with cats. Very good and pretty idea. We just lost our pet chocolate lab 13 years old, and I actually got sympathy cards for her. How perfect this will be for friends that really love their pets. Anna, you think of everthing. Love the new Bohemian embossing folders. I am Team BIRD, so now you have a request from all of us bird lovers to make a beautiful bird card kit! Looking forward to the next HSN showl. The card kits are delightful.

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I am team dog. My little girl maltese would sit right next to me as I craft doggie cards. Both the cats,and dogs are adorable! I would love to make these into cards for all of my animal lover friends and family! Totally team dog but those cats were cute too. Love the embossing folders! I recently got the bohemian dies and papers. They are very much my style! I love both cats and dogs and have both in my home.

My whole family is animal lovers but my daughter is definitely a cat lover. I would make cards for my whole family with Amy of these. The embossing folders are also beautiful and would love to win them.

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Team dog all the way. So thrilled to see the darling Cavalier Charles Spaniel. We had two and they were just precious.

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I do love just about anything with that vintage look! Thank you Anna!

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Team cat all the way. I am sure it is in my DNA because my grandfather loved cats too. He is holding a cat or kitten in most of the photos I have of him when he was younger.

I love the Bohemian Embossing Folders and as soon as Christmas crafting is over, I want to make a set of Birthday cards using the folders, dies and paisley papers. I am a Team Cat and I love the 3D Bohemian folders and the beautiful diecuts and stickers with the vintage cat card making kit. I would make sending luv cat cards to all. I have two rescue dogs and a feral cat who is now a house cat. So, guess I am rooting for both teams. This comes out one day before my 70th birthday. I know what I am getting myself. These are adorable. I really enjoy your products and ideas!

I have been following you since you were on QVC!! I have 3 types of arthritis and have had to curtail most of my crafting, with the exception of cardmaking and scrapbooking. It has been such a pleasure to be able to make my cards using your beautiful products and I love finding different ways to use them, such as journals, recipe cards, notepads, bookmarks and more! Needless to say, the compliments have been many.

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Please keep up the good work…I look forward to your next appearance on January 8,! I am team Feline…. Meow meow!! The dogs and cats are so darn cute, I love them. Your cards are beautiful! Take care and give Georgie a big hug.

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Bye for now!!! Hello Anna, I love the doggy kit and the kitty kit. I find they do funnier things because they can get into everything. I am Team Dog but I have a cat as well. So I am dodo Team Cat! I love the die cuts for both. The folders are gorgeous. I live all the products this time. Oh if you could only hear me squealing over here! I have lots of friends from Sri Lanka and India that I have given sets of Boho cards to so now all I need is the folders to go with the dies!

They loved the cards! Den awhile Lucy Ricardo went to Cat Heaven. She was our watch cat. Whenever we went for our morning walk Lucy would walk with us to the corner then we sit right there until we came back and then walk us back home. They are so much easier to crank in my cuddle bug. And what I would make are just beautiful cards for my friends. They are so much easier to crank and my cuddle bug. And what I would make are just beautiful cars for my friends.

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I would like the dog set. I am a veterinarian and would love to send to my clients to tell them how wonderful they are in treating their pets so well. Oh my…. I just have to have both of these sets as I have soooo many friends who love their fur babies. I would love to use the new embossing folders to make Valentine and Anniversay cards.