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Love this style! I get many lovely comments which is nice! I tried this out today and I love it! My only comment is that the instructions for pinning the braids is a little unclear so that part took me longer to do. My hair is a bit longer than yours. So glad you tried it Jessica! My hair just folded the ends under and pinned them in place. On longer hair did you have to wind them around each other?

Hi love this style so pretty. What I am wondering is I have curly hair and have been thinking of having it layered but does it improve your curls? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hi Krys, I have long layers and prefer my hair with some layers. It depends on your type of curl really. My hair is very similar to yours….

I wish I could do something with it! Coconut oil is fab for your hair.

Practise one or two styles so that you can do them quickly in your hair, then start building from there. Good luck xx.

7 Gorgeous Ways to Style Wet Hair

Thanks Sarah! The texture in my hair probably makes the twist more pronounced. I also add in more hair as I twist, creating a sort of two strand rope braid. You can also pull the twist apart to emphasise the braid look. Good luck and hope this helps xx.

Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Twitter: hairromance Instagram: hairromance. You know the days, when your hair looks a bit like this. On hot days, or when I need to work, brushing my hair back constantly is annoying. It takes nothing to put these styles together. Just slick it back and you will feel totally chic. Ths gorgeous style is another curly one that you are sure to love.

Add a little product to prevent frizz and you are good to go. This awesome style is made simple by adding a small, thin scarf. This hair accessory is all you need for a quick and easy style. This is a style that is only for the brave. But if you have to get back to the office, why not go there in style.

This style is unique and we love these high braids. A great style that is short, curly and rather remarkable. You can wear a style like this one virtually anywhere. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Password recovery. Recover your password. Style Interest. Finger Waves A simple style for loose and long hair that has some cute finger waves to it. A Messy Bun Messy buns are perfect, especially during the summer.

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Tight Styles Maybe you need something a little more polished when you are running back to work after the gym. Polished Styling Who says you have to put your hair up? You can leave it loose and just pin some up. Loose and Curly If you have natural curls then just add some product and you are ready to run out the door.

Short Styles Short styles are probably a lot easier to style when wet than long hair is. Braid Styles A stunning style that has two simple braids. Choppy Styles This look is going to be great for the beach because you will still feel sexy all day long. Tight Braids Braids are always a great way to keep control over your wet hair. Sleek Styles These styles are all you need to get a simple wet hair look. Curly Styles Wet curly styles usually just need some product in the hair to prevent frizz and you are good to go.

Twisty Braids Twisty braids are a great way to keep your wet hair in control for the day. Sleek Styles A great style that may be the easiest one available to you. Sexy Styles A wonderful style that is messy and sexy. Leave it Loose A great style that is not only bright and beautiful but messy and sexy as well.

Polished Styling A short style that is sleek. The style is as easy as tucking it behind your ears. Pull It Back This easy style is as simple as it is to pull your hair back into a barette. Sexy Ponytail Ponytails are super easy and this particular style is really beautiful. Unique Styling You may need some product to keep it in place, but you can definitely try out this style when you are on the go. Slick Looks A bold look that is sure to make you look very chic. Simple Styling A great style that is truly simple. Just slick the hair back and you are ready to go.

Beach Styles If you are having a day at the beach, then this is a great style for you. Straight Styles Another great example of a simple style for long hair. Bolder Ideas A great style that is totally a messy look.

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Twisty Styles A great twisty ponytail style That is quick and easy to put together. Braided Bun This great bun is fashionable and easy to put together. We love it and so will you.

Messy Styles A great style that would take just seconds to complete. Half Braid A great style that is simple and beautiful. Short and Choppy A great style that has everything that you need for a simple short look.

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