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As it turned out, Montague had a troubled past. Shortly after the video was released, the Kansas Republican Party released to the media a variety of documents showing that Montague had been suspended from Seaman High School, in Topeka, for making sexual advances toward a male exchange student.

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He was later banned from the Boy Scouts of America for his behavior. As campaign scandals go, this was pretty small beer. He appeared in a cheap-ass campaign ad filled with local actors. The Kansas Republican Party, led by executive director Clay Barker, tried to get a day of headlines out of the deal and succeeded. Today, we have different news about Montague. It turns out that he is now the human resources manager at The Villages , a Topeka nonprofit that has contracted with the Department of Health and Human Services to house unaccompanied migrant children.

Gillum was a case manager at The Villages. Nobody did anything. Still, nobody has done anything. He and others have been speaking up about the lack of answers from Colyer and the Trump Administration regarding this topic. We do not know how many of the fifty children in the facility are here because of forced separations from their families. Or maybe Barker is just a hypocritical partisan hack? No word back. Maybe tweet at them?

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I really prefer criminal matters are dealt with by police, not politicians and the for the voters to decide at an election if they keep their job provided they are entitled to stand. Think liberals are a bit extreme these days. Perhaps the parliamentary privileges should be amended so that they do not apply to any matters under investigation by the police. Time and again pollies make damning and slanderous statements about people still under investigation whilst protected under privilege, to me this is sailing very close to perverting the course of justice.

Looks like the matter will be investigated by the NSW police. Interesting development with the union cooperating fully. I totally agree! However, I would go further, Any politician making claims under parliamentary privilege that are proven to be incorrect and defamatory be required to front parliament and apologise for their actions. No hypocrisy here except from Cassidy, who is really showing his bias.

Is this due process? The union, as they stated yesterday, still believe fair work Australia is the appropriate body to investigate this matter. I agree. I do not wish to go back to an election less than a year after the previous one. Let this government play itself out and go to the next election when it is due on its own merits. I am tired of people who don't get their own way having a whinge and trying to tear down a constitutional right becasue it did not go their way. The comments in regard to Thomson are the first that I have seen that have provided a full and accurate parliamentary context to this current brouhaha.

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One has to ask why so many media outlets and so many journalists concentrate only on the prurient elements of the allegation. I wonder also whether Barry Cassidy is still so certain that a Rudd led Labor would have lost the last election? Rudd would have lost. He was less popular than Keating when HE lost.

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The outrage about his 'assasination' from the opposition was not bacuase they really belive a PM should not be removed in such a manner but because they were robbed of certain victory. As distasteful as it might seem to some, Rudd would have lost. We'll never know but if we could find out, I would put mne and my children's lives on that result. If you have ever read any of my comments you would know that I would be last person to want Mr PFZ in The Lodge but even I would not have voted Labor in the last election.

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Not Libs either but Which election was that Keating lost? If you had put your babies on the block in on the cert of him losing, you would have lost your kids.

This is why Howard lied repeatedly, including in writing, about no GST 'never, ever' prior to the election. Yes Barrie hypocrisy has existed in the Australian Parliament for a long time and yes the situation now is unique. The fact is Australia thought in you could elect anyone other than John Howard and things would just keep rolling along. How wrong they were. Australia now realizes that this was a huge mistake and wants to right the ship. They even thought Gillard might just be OK, but how wrong they were. If there is a chance that this can happen sooner rather than later well, bring it on, hypocrisy and all.

Actually Gillard is doing a good job under very difficult circumstances. Her only problem is a large group of vocal misogynists. Basically incompetent, perhaps, but the scary thing is they are far more competent than an Abbott opposition. Economically, they are ridiculous. Fudged budget replies. Last year's was laughable. Add to that the shambles of trying to form a minority government Abbott can't talk to people - embarrassing. In the circumstance, Labor is moving on, eg they even got a new health agreement with Liberal States a short while ago, but the slavering mob ignores facts.

What you are implying is that women are too dumb to see through her. While that may or may not be right with some women and men in point of fact it is also wrong for the majority; she is at least as unpopular with women as men. You think Abbott has problem with women voters!

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That is nothing compared to Gillard's popularity with female voters! You've hit the nail on the head custard. As much as Abbot is almost universally disliked - the nation is ready to choose him over the current rabble. Imagine the polls if the Coalition had a leader that appealed to more than the conservatives. Yes Barrie the hipocrisy this time is welcomed because it might just bring about the change the majority wants.

The Hypocrisy of Immigration

However I suspect it will be one of the Independants withdrawing support in a desperate effort to re-appeal to their own electorate that will bring down this government. If thompson found guilty and given a term in jail, labor would be one man down. Maybe Labor could pull the speaker of the house out of his position to make up for the Thompson number, which would force the coalition to put a speaker in the position.

This would detriment the Libs by one vote and they would never have a chance of defeating any leislation as a coalition with the nationals. They know this but still pursue Thompson, it could blow up in their face. Now that would really be desperation stuff. Apart from the public seeing it as a blatent attempt to stay in power, all the Coalition would have to do is force P Slipper to resign from the deputy speaker's position, throwing the ball back into Labor's court. The opposition would not be required to try and form government. If no person could put together an alliance capable of winning a vote of confidence bad terminology sorry on the floor of the parliament the Governor-General would have to call a fresh election.

Labor might prefer it didn't get to that eventuality, if worse comes to worse they may wish to call fresh elections as incumbents and have the resources of government at their back for the campaign. Why is it that liberal party and their supporters use collective nouns such as 'Australia' and 'the public' to describe who is opposing the government.

I am an Australian and part of the public and as far as I am concerned getting rid of Howard was the best thing the Australian public has done for a while politically. We had an election, we'll have another one quite soon, until then the will of the Australian people as expressed at the last election is that we have a coalition of Labour, Greens and Independants.

Opinion polls are not elections. I am totally with you on this, Toby. When i see these collective nouns used i invariably think 'speak for yourself' or 'NO I would still take Rudd over anyone in today's Liberals. I only become more impressed with Gillard's strength and hardworking determination to implement conditions and infrastructure that will benefit Australia well into the future, despite the heavy political toll that seems inevitable at the moment, anyway. I despise the 'Liberals' how do they get to keep that name? That's a good start!

Because the Labour government that Opinion polls are usually very accurate. Toby, opinion polls are single point in time expressions of current views. Interestingly the majority of Australians are expressing a clear desire to NOT have the current government, I assume due to the way they are handling things, because it appears as though many voters have changed their mind on the current government. Perhaps the government should listen. I respect your right to have an alternative view.

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  • However the most up-to-date analysis of public opinion suggests you are in the minority. Nothing wrong with that - it's just a fact. Its funny how a carbon tax did not really stir emotions until Abbott managed to convince people that the world would end, and Libs saw it as a way back to the Treasury Benches. This lot is without question the worst government Australia has ever seen and sadly if they are able to cling to power for the next two years substantial damage will occur to the Australian economy.

    I disagree with every point you made mainly because finessing a policy doesn't mean it's bad policy and wouldn't it be better if Australians learned what minority government meant? This Thomson issue stinks.