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She stayed faithfully at my side through the bad times and helped me become the person she had always seen in me. For the first eight years, we took care of each other. Although, I certainly felt like I was getting more than I was giving. Then my life was further enriched by meeting Frank.

While Sandy was clearly skeptical about him and the purpose of his existence in her life, she reluctantly allowed him to join our family. However Sandy never let Frank forget that she considered his presence contingent on her approval! She tried to get him well-trained to meet her every desire, although she evidently thought his ability was lacking. Sandy really liked to travel and explore new places. Together we became ardent battlefield trampers at Civil War sites. Sandy loved to lead the way in battlefield explorations. As much as she loved these excursions, she was always thrilled to come back home.

Racing around the house and jumping on the bed, she would have the biggest smile on her face because she loved her home and the two people she shared it with. Time goes by much too quickly! She continued to try to take care of me but then finally decided that Frank would have to take over that job. Just a few days short of our 17 th anniversary together, Sandy let me know that the last full measure of devotion I could show her would be to let her go. While it was the hardest thing that I have ever done, I saw that I would have to say goodbye to the best friend I will ever have.

My heart is broken now, but I look forward to crossing the Rainbow Bridge with my Sandy someday! We have been a Westie family since Meggie, our third Westie, joined our family in November of as a puppy. Despite all of our attempts to crate train her at night, she wore us down and made her way into our bed where she slept her entire life. She loved to watch TV and barked and made all sorts of weird noises when she saw ANY type of animal, animated or real. Her favorite thing in the whole world was her daily walk. Once her leash was on, she would prance out the door and life was good, SO, SO good.

Jack the Husky Dog: When Your Friend's Parents Get Divorced

The first time we put her collar and leash on to go for a walk, she had no idea what we were going to do. Cassie craved attention, and she showered me and everyone else with kisses. Like Meggie, she loved people and managed to coerce everyone to pet her by petting us with her paw. She loved toys - the faster she could kill a squeaker the better.

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She was such a happy Westie, a delightful presence in our home. Meggie and Cassie were best buddies. We loved to watch them chase and spar with each other. They brought us - and each other - so much happiness. The day after being diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer, we had to say goodbye to our 10 year old Cassie. We were in shock as she had seemed so healthy and vivacious.

I Miss My Dog: Has Grief for a Dog Who Died Ever Overwhelmed You?

Sadly, we started to lose Meggie as well. Meggie lost her will to live and literally died of a broken heart. Almost two months to the day that we said goodbye to Cassie, Meggie left us to go find her friend. Our hearts were were still aching from the loss of Cassie, but they broke when Meggie was gone.

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We have a video of the two of them playing and chasing each other, and we can only imagine that was how their reunion was on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Be happy, our little Westies, until we meet again. My dog Pip, a red tri-colour Border Collie, passed away on the 19 th August , at the age of 11 years old. He was my best friend, my soulmate, my steady companion, my boy. He was to work sheep there, and had great prospects, being the son, and spitting image, of his sire Craig, who was the first red Border Collie, and second ever Irish dog, to take the title of International Supreme Champion Sheepdog in owned and trained by Toddy Lambe of Curracloe.

Despite this, my Uncle kindly passed ownership of Pip to me, when I moved to the farm from Scotland in , shortly after meeting him. Pip changed my life for the better, in every way. He taught me unconditional love, responsibility, trust, and the joy of everlasting friendship. He made me feel safe, and was a great comfort to me, when life was hard.

I brought him back to Canada with me in , after 10 years of living abroad.

The journey was hard for us both, but we had each other, and our bond deepened with every walk and new adventure. Sheep-herding with Elf Stockdogs was something we loved to do together, as were our trail walks in the river valley, and our excursions around the neighbourhood. He was an exceptional sheepdog, as well as a kind and gentle soul, of such intelligence and beauty.

Pip sired one litter, with the lovely Athena, and was the father of five wonderful pups. It broke my heart to lose him, and the pain of his absence is no less now, a year later. He was such an important part of our family, and I am truly blessed to have had him in my life.

Thank You Pip, I will always love you my sweet friend. The story of Nico — What makes Nico truly unique and irreplaceable is that he lived with my family and me during a crucial period in our lives. Through good and bad, in one house or the other, he was there: a gorgeous white fuzz ball with an orange coat, and bulging, nonjudgmental eyes. I watched Nico grow old and I watched him die: from a prickly-toothed puppy, to a frenzied yapper running in circles around the house, then up and down the stairs, shaking his favorite toy from side to side, to his senior days when his little body slowed down.

He was the most beautiful Pom I ever saw. The most bittersweet memories are those of his daily routines—a reminder of both how deeply connected to us our pets can be and of how transient all life is: of how little consequence our own routines and rituals. Every day after his morning poop, during his last year or so, Nico would grab his daily slice of FreshPet from his bowl and take it to a specific spot he chose under a chair at the dining table. That was Nico.

A Legend with Legs

Those were his little routines. He was one of us.

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I watched Nico die in peace as he was euthanized—his pupils losing focus and ebbing away; his last breath imperceptible. I am grateful I was able to be there for him. But most of all, I am grateful for every single moment of happiness he gave us.

Parent divorce advice

I will always miss him. It was a beautiful summer evening; there was excitement and anticipation in the air. Gina my German Shepherd was pregnant and expecting to deliver at any moment. I had adopted both Gina and Blake from a colleague who had good intentions but could no longer care for them.

I was also the proud human parent of two wonderful cats Joshua and Sox, there were of course present, not sure how excited they were but at the very least true to cats they appeared to be curious. We stayed up late waiting for Gina to start delivering her babies, I had created a warm, safe place for Gina in my second bedroom with clean sheets and towels, Aleena, Alex and I must have fallen asleep, just after 2am I awoke to the sound of Gina whimpering, I woke up Aleena and Alex, it was time.

At am Gina delivered her first puppy then the second, the third and then the fourth, Alex and Aleena were wonderful assistants providing clean towels and helping to keep the pups warm. Right away I noticed a problem with the fourth pup; she was tiny in comparison to the three puppies that had preceded her. I set her down next to her mother and said a little prayer. I thought puppy number four was the last but 10 minutes later puppy 5 my favorite number was delivered into my world, she was larger than puppy 4 but much smaller than the others.

Little did I know it at the time but this beautiful puppy puppy 5 would change my life forever. Pups 6,7 and 8 came in short order, sadly despite our best efforts the fourth puppy, the smallest of the liter died shortly after birth, she was simply too small and fragile to sustain life. I was able to find homes for all of the puppies with friends of mine but Lola had stolen my heart, I know this because I had given her a name, Lola, my beautiful Lola….

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  4. Lola had the cutest happy spin when she saw me; she was a voracious eater and had a wonderful appetite. Lola was so happy and full and life, JJ my black and white tuxedo cat I adopted after Joshua passed away and Lola were inseparable; they loved to sleep together and hang around. I found Lola the next morning, she had passed away with her parents at her side, I was shocked and saddened beyond belief, her veterinarian believed that she had some under lying congenital heart defect.

    We love you, we miss you, you will always be a part of us and never forgotten…. This a tribute to our beloved angel Bodhi September 15, — November 26, , a great soul whose kindness, joy and loving ways were without peer. Bodhi was a master teacher, healer, companion and beloved member of our family and the entire community. Bodhi was a gift on every level and he was also incredibly handsome, but he was far more than his good looks. My son Avery and I surprised my husband on January 2, when we brought Bodhi home. Bodhi was a prince from the moment he arrived, and other than his love of food — which in his youth meant raiding cabinets, dumping the garbage and counter surfing — he was a gentleman he was also an Australian labradoodle.

    To know Bodhi was to love him. He had a way of making everyone happy.