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Not only has the world not amended itself, but by abandoning its King, is plunging deeper day by day in the atrocity of its sin. Even the most ambitious of human measures, aimed at building heaven on earth, while paradoxically rejecting the One Savior and King, along with His Holy Cross, are of no avail. All these efforts become nothing more than unstable utopias, which lead an ever greater amount of souls to hell. This occurs because man decides to live as if God does not exist, and that His laws do not apply.

Will the Lord our God, in light of this deviation, be indifferent and allow an ever greater number of lost souls?

King of the Universe

Little Hiacynta, who in the year along with Francis led to the alter by John Paul II, spoke of that which was conveyed to her by Holy Mother Fatima: "The Holy Mother told me that there is much war and discord in the world. War is nothing more than punishment for the sins of the world. Our Holy Mother can no longer hold back the commanding hand of of her loving Son, which has befallen the world. What Hiacynta foresaw has come to pass: "There will come times that will greatly offend Lord Jesus. For the sins and crimes murder and debauchery , committed by humanity in all of the world, God will send down a dreadful punishment.

Holy justice can no longer bear these trespasses. Only the nations in which Christ resides will be supported. If you want to save the world, it is neccessary to carry out the enthronement of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus in all the nations and nationalities in all the world. It is the final act of Jesus's Love, for the end of these times!

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  4. Poland will not perish, as long as we acknowledge Christ as King, in all meanings of the word: if we subdue to Holy Law, by the law of His Love. Otherwise, my child, no support will be granted I vow to you, my child, once again, that only the nations which give themselves up to Jesus's Sacred Heart through enthronement, and who acknowledge Him as Lord and King, will be saved. This is expressed through the act of enthronement.

    The word enthronement is defined as the instating of someone on the throne. The Encyclical, "Annum Sacrum," influenced the expansion of the idea of the social ascendancy of Christ the King. Various groups began to solemnize and publicly acknowledge credence, while placing an image of The Heart of Jesus in an honorary place as on a throne.

    Henceforth it became an extraneous symbol that a given school, bureau, wax formation, acknowledges the undeniable reign of the Loving King and abides to live in accordance with his laws. These ceremonies always involve the blessing of The Heart of Jesus. The collective blessings are done by leaders, who are privileged with the right to speak and act in the name of the society. Christ The King and his ascendance is our hope. Unlike the apparent dynastic inheritance of the title during the Neo-Sumerian Empire, it is possible that the title of King of the Four Corners had to be earned by each Assyrian king individually, thus explaining why the title is not attested for every Neo-Assyrian king and why Sennacherib first used it several years into his reign.

    British historian Stephanie Dalley , specializing in the Ancient Near East proposed in that the title may have had to be earned through the king successfully campaigning in all four points of the compass. Dalley also proposed that the similar title of "King of the Universe", with a virtually identical meaning, would have been earned through seven which would have been connected to totality in the eyes of the Assyrians successful campaigns. Unlike previous ruling dynasties in Mesopotamia, the Neo-Babylonians usually only employed one royal title on any one occasion.

    Only rarely are examples with more than one royal title in use found from the Neo-Babylonian period, which might explain the absence of "King of the Four Corners The Cyrus Cylinder is an ancient clay cylinder written in Akkadian cuneiform script in the name of Cyrus, made to be used as a foundation deposit and buried in the walls of Babylon. Kings of the Four Corners in the Akkadian Empire :. Kings of the Four Corners in the Achaemenid Empire :. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Title from ancient Mesopotamia. See also: Four corners of the world.

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    Lugal is often seen as a title primarily based on a ruler's military prowess, whilst en seems to have implied a more priestly role. Ancient Mesopotamian royal titulature. Titles rendered in Akkadian language. Hidden categories: Good articles Articles with short description CS1 errors: missing periodical. Namespaces Article Talk.