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He began specialising in food fish and oversaw the interpretation of the fishing research vessel "S. In he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. He won the Society's Makdougall-Brisbane prize for — He became a Fellow of the Royal Society of London in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Life [ edit ] He was born on 9 April the son of Thomas W. He retired due to ill-health in and died on 10 February Stanley Whack, the School District spokesperson, said district officials could find no record of that complaint in Shutt's Masterman file. The district did not have records from Shutt's days at Douglass.

Richard Woolf, 60, said Shutt targeted him in the early s after Shutt had started teaching in Philadelphia and they both lived in Morrisville, Bucks County. He said Shutt first hung out with Woolf's older brothers when they were in their early teens.

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Woolf was about 14, he said, when Shutt, then about 29, brought him back to Shutt's apartment. There, Woolf said, Shutt gave him alcohol, played a pornographic film, began masturbating, then took a back scratcher and rubbed it on Woolf's pants. He "kept asking me to take my pants off, and I wouldn't do it," Woolf recalled.

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Woolf said he never reported it to anyone at the time. Also as a result of the article , Philadelphia police have launched an investigation into the accusations by the former Douglass students — one who said he was 11 when he alleges Shutt performed oral sex on him and two others who said they witnessed the chess coach doing the same to other boys, all in Shutt's Fairmount home in the s.

We continue to encourage anyone with knowledge of this type of conduct to contact the Philadelphia Police Department. Get the news you need to start your day. Skip to content. New misconduct claims emerge against former renowned Masterman chess coach. Chess Coach Stephen Shutt in a file photo at Masterman. Related stories. Complaints were made. The allegations, however, stretch back to the start of Shutt's tenure as a teacher. Julie Shaw julieshawphilly jshaw inquirer. Sign Up Inquirer Morning Newsletter. Never Miss a Story. The parent involvement is great.

Right now our Philly schools are in such need of help.

The students love their school and I know they would be grateful for any financial help they would receive. The building itself needs a little TLC and the classrooms need supplies. Please support our school. Thank you for your consideration. It's a great school. Full of wonderful extracurricular activities and cluds. We the Masterman community are espesially proud of our students. As a graduate, I can not thank Masterman enough for the education that it gave me.

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The community that rallies behind the school is bar none and the intelligence, integrity and long lasting commitment to education that echoes from its halls is inspiring and refreshing. Teachers do not exist at Masterman because they are so much more. They are mentors, educators, civil leaders, academics, role models and friends. They have a breadth of knowledge that is not found in most universities.

They are always willing to help students and are continuously looking for new ways to engage their pupils. The quality of the student body is not found in any other school in the City of Philadelphia or for the sate for that matter. Students represent multiple races, ethnicities, and incomes. Airy to University City, every area of the city becomes a part of the Masterman community. Great school in the heart of Philadelphia. Strong parent involvement and a great community of teachers.

Masterman and Son

Excellence, hard work, diligence and drive, dedication to the community and to the tasks at hand -- these are the elements I see Masterman instilling into its kids. So proud and grateful to be part of this amazing community and special kudos to our Principal, Ms. Marjorie Neff, who has never waivered in her dedication and devotion to the school despite the incredibly difficult challenges she must meet each day. I started at fifth grade and now going into sixth. The food is great!

There's warm fresh food like chicken, pizza and you can also make your own sandwiches or hoagies or tortillas. I enjoyed computers and music. They are the easiest of my opinion. You have to be prepared to get your hands tired from writing. There is alot of homework but what they teach will help you in your life. You will not regret going here. You will make new friends and have a great time.

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You play on the roof no worries parents, is fenced so nobody gets hurt or falls. Wish everybody well! I attended Masterman from 5th through 12th grade graduated in Anyone that says you should not send your children to this school are either severly lacking in intelligence or hold a grudge because they couldn't make it while attending class there.

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Masterman has the highest SAT scores in the Philadelphia region; the next best schools' scores are not even close. I graduated 72nd out of students and my GPA was still a 3. Only the best of the best make it to the highschool and there is no doubt that once you graduate, transitioning to a college workload is a piece of cake. Teacher expectations are indeed high, but its because they know how hard it is for children to get into the school in the first place and are willing to bet that the students will meet the challenges they are faced with which most do with flying colors and a little bit of hard work.

Rest assured, you can send your children to this school knowing the education they receive will be top notch and they will basically be able to go to any college they want. Masterman is a very advanced school, the work is advanced, the majority of the teachers are kind, and the students are friendly. There is no repetitive school uniform that you have to wear, and the cafeteria food is better than usual school food that's my opinion, at least. The work will be much more difficult than other schools, and there will be some days where you will have to work for a while.

My only complaints are that the bathrooms are dirty sometimes, and you will most likely have to wake up earlier than usual the go there it's not a neighborhood school. Besides this, the school is excellent, and you will not regret enrolling. I'm a junior at mansterman and i have started at 5th grade. The school is pretty good and the staff members are also good.

The biggest problems for me as transition from my old school to masterman due to it's work load. The teachers here are it and miss some are really good others are not as good. My one bit of advice is take spanish the French program is really good in 10th and 11th grade but 8th and 9th graders will struggle with french and the huge spike in difficulty doesn't help. I am currently enrolled in this school at sixth grade.

The majority of kids here are pretty nice. But the amount of work here, is well totally different than the amount at my old school. You get projects like every week along with bunch of other homework. They give you like one week to complete a complicated project. You hand in homework one day late, you get a fifty. Often, on one day, there could be more than two tests and all these assignments due. I mean, I use to enjoy school days and dread weekends because I get to hang out with my friends.

Gosh, I was so close to falling asleep in couple of classes today. I often get less than six hours of sleep because I live far away and the loads of homework. Masterman Is the top high school in the country.

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And the middle school is top notch. Anyone that says derogatory things about Masterman it's because they could not make it. The school is extremely competitive. Private schools are all about money.

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Masterman is about getting the best of the best. Students are very well prepared for the academic rigors of college. This is remarkable given the poor physical plant and funding challenges. Despite the competitive nature of academics found in any academically oriented school. Graduates consistently talk about how close they are, support one another, and feel they are competing with the outside world not each other. We give most of the credit to the kids themselves and the teachers in the classroom.

How, there are some areas that could use improvement.