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Harold Bloom passed away on October 14, in New Haven, at the age of Truman Capote. Sterling Professor of the Humanities Harold Bloom.

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Truman Capote, at just 21 years old, was seen as the most promising young talent of His masterpiece, "In Cold Blood," proved to be an amalgamation of his journalistic talent, his astute observations, and his skill at creating realistic dialogue and characterizations. This collection of critical essays on the author offers new avenues for exploring and discussing the works of the Alabama native. This addition to the Bloom's Modern Critical Views series is enhanced by a chronology, bibliography, notes on the contributors, and an introductory essay by noted literary scholar Harold Bloom.

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With the publication of the naked and the dead, Norman Mailer became a major American writer and immediately drew attention from critics in America. But it was not until thirty years later when the second flowering wave of the Mailer criticism emerged in America and Chinese critics began to pay attention to Mailer. Indeed, it was near the end of the s that Norman Mailer came into the Chinese critical world.

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Later in the same year, Qizhan Wang, in his article, "Existentialism and Contemporary American Novel," published in Foreign Literature Studies, also made a brief introduction to Mailer and his writing in relation to existentialism. Ever since then, for more than forty years, Mailer has been drawing attention from Chinese readers and critics, and so far, there have been two books, three PhD dissertations and ten Master of Arts theses on Mailer and his works, as well as more than one hundred scholarly and semi-scholarly articles on or related to Mailer and his works in addition to eight books that have been translated into Chinese: The Naked and the Dead, The Deer Park, An American Dream, The Armies of the Night, The Executioner's Song, Tough Guys Don t Dance, Marilyn Monroe and The Castle in the Forest.

Although Mailer came into the Chinese critical world in , by the s, there were not many serious publications on his works. In , two articles related to Mailer and his works were published.

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