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There is Camembert Cheese and a now stale bagette in my overprised studio.

ETD collection for University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Being here until July I figure I still have plenty of time to do the touristy things but as for now I have not seen much outside the office as I am working 14 hours a day for Delphi. Of course its illegal to work more than 35 hours a week in France, but somehow there has been an oversight in the workload mandated. Coming from Arizona, I have much already lost my tan, surprised I am to learn that Paris receives more rain than London Today is a rare exception and I am hoping the still weak rays do something to help heat my cold studio in the west just outside the Ile-de-Paris.

The town is overpriced and expensive but I have found the crepes sold on the street filling for a reason price. Here's one a few people I have told liked: Language is a dangerous thing. I was on the street with a friend, returning from work at and stopping to grab some food before we ran home to get a few hours of sleep. Two swedish guys approached as they noticed we were speaking english.

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One asks me if I know where the "Banana Cafe" is Being helpful I tried my weak french and asked directions from a local who, without hesitation but with a good deal of surprise, informed us it was up one block to the left. The grateful swedes were on their way. My friend turns to me asks me, "Brad, do you know you just asked that french guy where a gay club is located? Any correspondance items would best be sent to the above address as I am rarely at my studio. From the view on the Seine, I can still see the Ignatius team driving hard on principles.

Row hard gentlemen, the sun dawning here while you sleep, rise and be prepared to meet it with all your courage. More leg drive and Jumpies, Brad. Greetings from Arizona, Back from the dark continent, after 32 hours of travel, I arrive in Phoenix. Returned I am to the responsibility of responding to emails and bills.

We started in Cape Town in early January, watching the spotlights shake in the mist off Table Mountain and dining to the sunset at Camps Bay. They say the average human drinks 9 gallons of bottled water each year. I broke the average during my stay in South Africa. I base my results on the correlation between tasteful Castle Lager beer and the water my body begged the next morning. On average we downed 1. I went to an all white-club and bought drinks for a colored person. I went to an all-black club and we danced. I breathed deeply at the Cape of Good Hope, the freshest air in the world. I breathed deeply again to compensate for the pollution I would inhale in Johannesburg.

I played 27 holes of golf for the first time on a different continent. I went "extreme" bowling with glowing balls and pins for the first time. I camped in Kruger National Park and heard Hippos tromping gaily in the pitch black near the riverbed, Hyenas whooping near the electric fence, lion roaring in the distance.

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I took a ride in an open-air truck that stopped less than 2 meters from a wild lion. I saw a wild dog, an endangered species of which my tour guide had only seen three in her entire career. I am tired of eating so much meat. I was prescribed over 80 pills to prevent malaria. I had my dress shoes stolen out of my hotel in Cape Town. An oasis was easier to find than Internet access and public pay phones.

I saw the Southern Cross again for the first time since I visited Australia. I became acquainted with the African liqueur "Amarula". I saw a dead hippo, but never a cheetah or white rhino. I was overpowered by the smell of a dead hippo. I visited the townships including Soweto, where Winnie Mandela hails her home. I toured Robben Island and saw Nelson Mandela's prison cell. On the street in Johannesburg I stopped to think to myself, 1 out of five of these people are HIV positive I toured South African breweries and drank their recreation of "native" beer, brought to Africa from Mesopotamia.

I ate chicken with Peri-Peri sauce, a sauce soon to be released in the US at the end of In Kruger National Park, in pitch black, I looked up at the night sky and someone explained to me the white band of cloud that stretched across the sky as the Milky Way. I saw an eclipse of the moon for the second time. I was in the right place at the right time, never to think adversely against stereotypes or pre-conceptions, I reflect upon the experience and hold a desire to visit someday, somehow, Brad, Thanks for the info.

BC's loss is JCU's huge gain. Howard Gray is an incredible man and really a worldwide master of Ignatian Spirituality. My time with him was well spent these last two years. He is also an Ignatius H. Good luck with your endeavors and good luck to the Cats Crew this Spring. The old fat guys are rooting for you! He said a sense of mission was "as necessary for personal psyche as it is for corporate survival.

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Bdegrandis aol. On December 26th at PM former Ignatius Coach Joe Blasko was walking along the beach when he collapsed to the sand with an unbearable migraine. He screamed violently as his head split into two and a fully JL-clad Joseph John "Jack" Blasko emerged from his skull, oar in hand. Jack was born at Marymount Hospital in Cleveland - the same hospital as his father.

Joe and Stacey, from the Team, Alumni and Friends Warm Wishes! Cheers, Brad DeGrandis bdegrandis ignatiuscrew. Brad- Looking for anyone to hang out with while you are there Brad, I hope you have a very great Holiday Season. Instant updates - One free call. I encourage you to visit. Prsoar aol.

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Phoenix is warm and beautiful. When I get irritated with all the busy work and hoops that school puts us through, I look just look up at Palm trees and feel better. I don't think I have had the sides on my jeep since early October and I am becoming quite a green thumb at cactus growing. Nevertheless, their is only one lonely erg here on campus that I initially found with its foot boards scattered carelessly in the corner. I know there is one other person who uses it on campus but I have not found them yet.

I know this because many of the times the handle had been left on the prongs, unecessarily stretching out the machine's tension cord. I removed the prongs but still have not found the offender. Recently I found a place to row in the area, Tempe. There is a human-made lake that offers limited sculling. It's a 40 minute drive I will enjoy. Glendale is a smart, quickly growing western suburb of Phoenix that offers a diversity of personalities mostly from lower-middle-class backgrounds.

The school is surrounded by quiet prickly pear and huge syuarro sp cacti and is nestled between malls, palms, and shopping plazas.

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  • Oh, yeah, I can't forget the local bars which make up any lack of character on behalf of glendale's ubanization projects. After living in DC for four years I knew the people and the city well enough to feel comfortable being branded a "Washingtonian". However, I have decided that this acclimation will come slower in Phoenix. It took me this entire semester of looking for the local culture to realize that Phoenix does not really have one.

    Everyone here is transplanted from somewhere else, largely the population is snowbirds that have been imported from the midwest and other regions. Few people here claim to be "Phoenix natives". The city is experiencing tremendous growth in population and this leads to such a fast-brewing melting pot that a the culture is one of change and not readily visible.

    The proximity of the city to the border has scared me more than once when I walked out to my car and had forgotten where I parked. I have not been victim yet despite the majors issues with car theft here. The benefits are U-turns are completely legal and the speed limits are School has gone exceptionally well. Now I can pick up a french newspaper and read it, too.

    I'll be doing an internship this summer and then graduating this next December, One more year of debt and study before I start making some real money again. Chances dictate that I will be in Europe for a bit after graduation but I am off to South Africa for three weeks of study during January. I'll be home in Cleveland from the 23rd, to the 6th.

    Find me in the gym on the erg trying to make up for not erging during finals. Bonne Chance! My first semester at Thunderbird completed here in Phoenix, I am well overdue for an update! But first some announcements. Several changes have been occurring on ignatiuscrew. As always your comments are helpful and requested. We aim to make the site useful not just to the team, but to all the alumni and friends.

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    The goal would be to give everyone access to a 'profile' that they can keep updated. Example, If a rower is planning to go to school in California, they can search the site and find all alumni and friends of the crew that are in the area. The bond of rowing runs deep but this would be a lot of work on my part so I offer this suggestion as a litmus test for interest.