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Lee Rubesh Miles City, Mont. Fred Schneider Billings, Mont. Laury Sealey Roungup, Mont. Sally Sturm Billings, Mont. William Talbot Billings, Mont.

Virginia Tanner Baker, Mont. Carrel Thompson Clancy, Mont. Steve Thompson Great Falls, Mont. Terill Torske Hardin, Mont.

Carol Vegge Billings, Mont. Lynda Velin Glendive, Mont. Deborah Wagner Cody, Wyo. Danny Walsh Powell, Wyo. Dennis Williams Powell, Wyo. Marie Wolf Morgan Hill, Calif. Steve Zeidler Plentywood, Mont. Connie Zwemer Deaver, Wyo. To the vast majority of universities in the world it was unheard of: trustees and students, faculty and administrators meeting in small groups of ten to rap about whatever is bugging anybody about college life and how it could be made better.

They cussed and discussed everything from dorm hours to curriculum and finally decided that what was needed was some honest and extended conversation with the real power structure - The Board of Trustees, which alone makes policy on all sorts of issues. Acting in close contact with the dean of the college and others, this informal and nondescript group drew up a proposal to present to trustees and faculty calling for a day in which the trustees take TIME OUT from their fall meeting, the students and faculty take TIME OUT from their classes and the administrators take TIME OUT from their offices to dialogue with one another.

The trustees unanimously endorsed the proposal and agreed to take an entire afternoon and evening off their limited two days to participate. And pro- ductive it was with well over half of the student body participating.

Baby Baller Super Showcase

These have been evidenced during the year in such things as elimination of a campus dress code, much less strict dormitory hour regulations for women stu- dents, and the formation of a College Council comprised of an equal number of students, faculty, trustees and administra- tors.

The group leaders, having been trained in advanced of group processes, presided over ten small rap groups. These were comp- rised of students and at least one trustee and faculty member or administrator.

The Lost Mine of Ophir and King Solomon’s Gold

Subject matter was not in any way limited and conversation took many directions. In order to provide contexts in which certain fundamental issuses of college life could be explored in depth, topics were selected by the Planning Committee. Joseph Alger Jackson, Mich. Annette Arrington Billings, Mont.

A Dangerous Man: A Novel (Henry Thompson)

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Flute Concerto in F major, RV 433 (Vivaldi, Antonio)

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