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Rather, the Jesus of the Gospel of Thomas provides secret truths only to those who are qualified to learn them. Yet this group of scholars had a bias against traditional Christianity: they viewed Jesus to be a mortal man not God , who did not perform the miracles listed in the Bible, nor resurrect as Savior of the world. Nor did they view the Holy Spirit as having inspired the writing of biblical Scripture.

So as they color-coded the words of Jesus in Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John — using red to indicate words they think Jesus most likely said, pink for words they think Jesus possibly said, grey for words they believe are close to what Jesus probably said, and black for words they believe Jesus did not say — more text was deemed black than the other three colors combined; these scholars coded almost the entire gospel of John black!

The Gospel According to Mark

But we have to remember this was an honored tradition of careful digestion and memory. Few of us today could memorize even a small portion of what these men were able to commit to memory. Writes Craig L. However, we believe that all of this took place under the superintendence of the Holy Spirit, and through His inspiration the writers accurately reported exactly what He wanted them to represent of the life and teachings of Jesus. In the winter of , fragments of a gospel were found in a tomb in Egypt, in a codex.

In the s and 80s more fragments were published, believed possibly to be portions of the Gospel of Peter , which may have been written in the latter half of the second century. Though attributed to the disciple Peter, scholars do not believe he was the author, in part because of the dating of the text.

But it also contains fanciful elements — such as giant angels escorting an even larger Jesus from the tomb, followed by a cross that speaks. This sounds like Docetism , an early Christian doctrine that asserted that Christ appeared after His resurrection not in human form, but in a spirit body. Docetism became an important doctrinal position of Gnosticism, which we mentioned earlier. This view robs the crucifixion of its power.

The Pocket Canons: Series 1: Set 1 (Pocket Canon Bible)

This gospel includes other text that is contradictory to the Bible Gospels. An example:. The judgment has approached and the end of Jerusalem. Historical Errors and Embellishments in the gospel, as listed by apologist Ryan Turner :. Alistair Begg. Vaughan Roberts. Dennis Prager. Oswald Chambers. Lysa TerKeurst.

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    John Chrysostom. Brant James Pitre. John F. Gordon D. Christopher Ash. Sir Robert Anderson. Robert K McIver.

    Irma Starkhoff Rombauer. Rowan Williams. Kenneth E Hagin. King L. Desmond Alexander. Thomas Watson. The only downside to this kind of portability it that I doubt one of these could stop a Mauser bullet. There is no celebrity introduction in front, either. For such a small edition I find the type quite readable.

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    Admittedly, I have a soft spot for little booklets like this. I think Penguin 60s are the best thing ever, for example, and I have enough of them to prove it:. To me, the Pocket Canon illustrates that with a little thought and good design, a volume that's cheaply produced can also be a thing of beauty -- and great utility. Perhaps some enterprising publisher will catch the bug and put out an entire pocket-sized canon. As Chad Whitacre demonstrates, the tools are readily available to us now.

    Maybe we should just make our own! What there is of them, however, is magnificent: The Pocket Canon is slightly smaller than the Gospel of John, roughly the same size as the Apica CD10 notebook I was praising last week.