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His hair looks expertly styled, all the right pieces sticking up. Instead of jeans, he has on pinstripe trousers and a button up shirt. Affinity is a lot more edgy than Paper Trails. It has a punk sound but then some, almost like Nirvana mixed with The Rolling Stones. Her band is more pop-centric, picking up radio time like Paper Trails.

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They usually always have the popular bands, the ones who have the over-sexualized lead singer and jaunty lyrics. I listened to their music, expecting to find semi-decent songs with questionable lyrics, but I got a clean voice with interesting musical styling.

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I know I need to get to know him so I can get better at writing music, Patrick obviously a practiced musician. Everyone puts on big smiles, myself included. I knew this already, myself having worn a zipper sweatshirt so that I could place it on the bed so no one else can take it. The celebrities walk a little faster, minus Spencer who runs ahead of the group, letting out a loud noise of triumph.

The house is just as majestic on the inside, high ceilings and ornate decorating.

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The furnishing is sophisticated, modern and white. I go in the direction no one else is, pushing open a pair of heavy doors. I stop in my tracks, my head reeling. Inside the large room is like a more elaborate Guitar Center, instruments everywhere. I go over and run my hand over the neck of an upright bass, excitement buzzing in me.

I blink and realize that I need to find a room.

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I start cursing as I turn around and find an entrance to a room with already taken beds, some of the girls just relaxing and talking. I sigh and start taking off my sweater. Right before place it on the bed, someone makes an agitated noise from the door. I whirl around to find Ryan Ross staring at me, his hands in the pocket of his slacks. He eyes the bed, an obvious, silent question shining in his eyes. I might slump my shoulders a little as I put back on my sweatshirt. I hope that Ryan remembers this.

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After a somewhat ordinary night, everyone keeping to themselves, not yet going into the music room, all of us obviously waiting until the first competition to show off our skills, we all wind down for bed. I manage to keep my away, my fingers craving to try everything out. Instead, I find myself trying to get comfortable on the couch. It got exceptionally colder and I only packed boxers for sleeping but they seems too revealing for the living room.

I suffer silently, rolling over occasionally, hoping to get comfortable. I can hear the sound of a clock ticking out the seconds and I tap my finger on my thigh with the tempo. I wait another twenty minutes until I jump up, too frustrated to sleep.

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I make my way to the music room, not sure if this is a good idea. The room has the kind of lighting that you can turn up and down to your liking. I keep it low, walking up the string instruments. I find a cello and pull a stool next to it. The strings feel heavier than I remember.

I start plucking, not wanting to use the bow because it might wake people up. I pluck quietly, remember bits of songs I once spent so longer playing. I play for a while, eventually closing my eyes and playing random notes. I do what sounds right and hum along. I look up to find someone staring at me from the doorway. I still one last low note resonating through the room.

Ryan eyes me curiously, looking a little embarrassed. He breaks away first. If you want. You can take one of the pillows. I try to hold back the smile that begs to go on my face. I exit the room, a small smile slipping onto my lips. I find his bed and see the sheets already stripped from the mattress. I take them, another smile on my face. I go back to the living room and feel better with a blanket of sorts and something to rest my head on. I get comfortable, finally feeling sleep wash over me.

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I fall asleep to the faint noise of someone fidgeting with a cello, inexpert hand experimenting with the strings. It makes me smile again. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. The Key of Victory agetwellcard Summary: music game show au Don't miss the new season of The Key of Victory, a show that kicks off music careers for the winners.

In the first lesson of this video course, we were talking about the importance of the attack. However, there is not always an attacking move at your disposal. For instance, in the starting position of the chess game, definitely, there is no way for the attack. Even if we make one move or a couple of moves, there would still be no options for you on how you can possibly damage your opponent. What should you do in such cases?

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By the way, this is the most common situation in the chess game because, even though the attack is the greatest thing you can do, more often than not, there is no direct way for an attack. It says: Find the piece which is the least active and activate it, improve its position. First of all, we said you should attack your opponent. What should you do then?

In that case, you need to prepare your attack for the future; and, in order to do so, you need to activate your position. In this lesson, you are going to learn how you can become a terminator in chess. How can you do that? Who is going to be the attacker? Who is going to be the defender? And that depends on the activity of your forces. You wish to have your forces controlling the greatest quantity of the squares on the chessboard; and, therefore, to be the most active.

This final video is dedicated to practicing. Now, you already know all the main strategic principles of the game of chess. I will be asking your opinion: How would you play in those positions? The Blues have a record of in the playoffs when scoring a goal within the first two minutes of a hockey game. The Bruins need to be the ones to strike first. The Perfection Line Has to Produce — The Line Combination of Brad Marchand, David Pastrnak, and Patrice Bergeron have combined through five games, the top line has compiled a total of 8 points, all of which have come on the power play. That line has not produced a single five-on-five goal or point in this series.

Outside the power play, the only goal scored was an empty netter by Brad Marchand in Game 1. However, Head Coach Bruce Cassidy has a feeling that line is due for a big game. Listen we want them to score.