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I also had the pleasure of taking two semesters of creative writing from Rudolfo Anaya at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

Author Spotlight: Zero Visibility Possible by RJ Mirabal

Rudolfo Anaya is probably best known for his novel Bless Me Ultima — a story with many levels to it. Early in the past century Teresa, a young curandera, traveled to the Valle Abajo to bring down the Tower.

RJ the Story Guy, "Tower..." Chapter six

But the Tower still stands and Don Vargas, an alcoholic looking for escape from failure, may be the only one to destroy it. Don travels through the Portal to the Valle, encountering beautiful Raquela and feisty Nersite who join him to fight the Soreyes. Meanwhile Nightwing, the enigmatic bat, manipulates events behind the scenes.

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Many surprises and revelations await as this contemporary fantasy unfolds. Many familiar characters from The Tower return along with new exciting personalities to spice up the adventure:. Realizing the obsessive creation of stories in my head meant I should be a writer, I set out to fashion a unique niche for my musings calling it Southwest Contemporary Fantasy, specifically New Mexico fantasy. Thus Don, Nersite, Raquela and all the other characters were born and sent out on their unpredictable adventures.

About the The Tower of Il Serrohe, Book I – RJ Mirabal, Author

But like many children, they have their own ideas, and I struggle to keep up with them, attempting to tell their story as accurately as I can. I admit they share some of my life experience growing up in New Mexico with its unique culture, terrain, and climate.

But at times, I wonder where these people came from! Signed copy from the author or other questions, email: rjmirabal gmail.

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    About the The Tower of Il Serrohe, Book I

    You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. A bat offering a formidable quest to this unlikely hero.

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    A Portal to another valley called the Valle Abajo. Clans in the Valle needing help to overcome the evil Soreyes. A Tower, the mysterious source of Soreye power. A bat slams its body against her window in the night.

    Mirabal The Tower of Il Serrohe. Published: Apr Buy from our partners. The Tower of Il Serrohe pulls us into the deteriorating life of Don Vargas thrown out of the house by his promiscuous wife.

    The tower of Il Serrohe, new book by RJ Mirabal

    He lands in a dilapidated casita which, of course, is a portal to another world. Reluctantly, Don is seduced by an alternative existence in the Valle Abajo, a valley strangely like and unlike his own Rio Grande Valley. A creepy voice in the dark of his casita drives Don to take on a quest to save the clanspeople of Valle Abajo from the wily Soreyes who have built the mysterious Tower dominating the landscape and magically empowering them to preempt every effort of the clans to break free of Soreye terror. Traveling to the Valle, Don at first finds the clans are like a sophisticated mix of widely divergent races and cultures that do not work well together but are forced to unite to defeat the Soreyes A century earlier, Teresa, a curandera from the Rio Grande Valley attempted to defeat the Soreyes, but succeeded in only slowing them down.

    Now all Don wants to do is drink beer, spout profanities, and coat every thought and action with cynicism. Only the disarming beauty and quiet wisdom of a young curandera of the Pirallt clan can hope to move Don to take on this quest