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After a failed first marriage, she is engaged to Jean-Claude, a Swiss banker, and accidentally runs into an old flame whom she had met during a year-end trip to Morocco.

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A seething love affair ensues and she is torn between her love for the two men who both want to marry her. The banker offers her a stable future, but she is rather doubtful about a future with the younger Luis, an Argentinian heartthrob.

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The novel is a fabulous fun page-turner that dives headlong into the sometimes murky waters of adult relationships. The writing is hypnotic lulling readers with the rhythmic and repeated ideas.

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It features a compelling pace and hot sex scenes. Julia ruminates on her moral and emotional inner turmoil when she falls in love, and becomes intimate with two men at the same time. A tryst-y erotic novel.

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The story of a sensual, strong-willed talented woman artist with a libido that finds her in Europe, the US and the Middle East. Darkly erotic and sensually stunning My most recent print release was the mass market edition of Clandestine in November, Thank you, readers! I am in awe! Welcome, Readers!

If you're already a loyal fan, welcome and many, many thanks for your wonderful support over the years. If you're new to my novels, they're all set primarily in England, my homeland, in the mid-eighteenth or early nineteenth centuries.

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Winning many awards and much critical acclaim, the stories are full of adventure, intrigue and passion. They are also often described as being unexpectedly intelligent, exciting, and complex.

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  7. E-book editions will be available later this year. I feel very strongly about this book" - A Romance Review "An exceptional writer who creates rich, compelling characters in tales of intrigue

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